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50 g - This maple butter is the perfect condiment to accompany your breakfasts, because it is perfect to spread on your toast. Mmmm, a maple butter "toast" with a little coffee! This format of butter allows you to taste and fall in love with its use.

160 g - Maple butter has the perfect texture for serving as a spread on toast for breakfast. You will see your breakfasts will not be the same after tasting maple butter.

250 g - Maple butter is an excellent condiment for your breakfasts. There is nothing better than starting the day with a maple butter toast and coffee! Also with this format, you can use this butter as a cake frosting! Your guests will love it!

Maple butter

  • If you receive a product that is broken during transport:

    1- Take a picture of the latter

    2- Explain the problem

    3- Send everything to

    After analysis, the product can be replaced excluding the delivery costs which will be at your expense. These will have to be paid before sending.


Please note that depending on the region where you live, the delivery charges may differ from the standard charges displayed on the site. If so, you will be contacted to be notified. You will then be able to cancel your order if these do not suit you.

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