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The Fauchers of frampton, 100 years of historyIt was in 1905 that Napoleon Faucher and Vitaline Lafontaine purchased their farm and maple bush on the Deuxième Rang of Frampton. The couple had 10 children: Odilon, Marie-Louise, Jules (father to Pierre Faucher), Tancrède, Émile, Clarida, Romuald, Philippe, Emmanuel and Alphonse. Philippe enventually took over and in 1988, Pierre bought the sugar bush, the farm and family home to build La Cabane à Pierre.


Faucher’s mapple bush

Although the Faucher maple bush stayed true to form with it’s wood-heated boiler and evaporator, it came into a special destiny with the opening of La Cabane à Pierre in 1993. Throughout the year, a welcome is extended to international tourists anxious to discover Quebec folklore and enjoy its traditional sugaring-off party in true family style.


The Faucher, sugar makers for generations

After Napoleon (born in 1881), Jules (1903) and Pierre (1946), comes the fourth generation of sugar makers led by Stéfan Faucher.

Stefan was born in Rigaud on February 15, 1978, the very day the Sucrerie de la Montagne opened. His early memories are filled with lively music from Quebec folklore, the pleasant smell of maple sap boiling in the sugar shack and the festive mood that prevails around a well-laden and well-sweetened table.

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