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The lumberjack olympics, a hilarious team building activity!

For your next group event, la Cabane à Pierre can offer you, an optional activity our fun-filled Lumberjack Olympics.

These ‘Olympics’ involve a series of challenging contests styled after the labours of our forefathers. The contests do not require any great physical prowess. Often amusing, always entertaining, they have more to do with play than with physical performance and are carried forth under the watchful eyes of qualified resource people. Several challenges are presented, among them Raftsmen are We, the Log Pull, I’m no Babe in the Woods, Trapping and more, all for developing team spirit and learning about the labours of Quebec woodsmen.


“Would-be” Lumberjack’s receive medals at an awards ceremony during the meal.


Prices vary according to number of participants, time available and tasks chosen.


This activity can only be held under certain conditions. To learn more, please contact us.

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