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Flying Shack

Cabane Volante

Meal preparation and tasting services in a country-style setting featuring folkloric entertainment

«If you can’t come to the sugar shack, the sugar shack will come to you…»


Cabane à Pierre Beauce is helping to keep Québec and Canadian folk traditions alive through an innovative approach designed to meet the pressing needs of our corporate and institutional clients. Over the years, and in every conceivable location, we have created warm and friendly events that introduce participants to Québécois traditions. Our authentic-looking mobile infrastructures bring you momentarily back in time, into the world of our forbears and its timeless values.


Whether for a social activity with your employees or a special occasion during a major business event, the Cabane à Pierre Beauce team can re-create the hospitable and welcoming ambience of days gone by. Our full range of “space/time” services is just a phone call or e-mail away! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a proposal that will help you make an informed choice for your next business activity. Any time, any place, Cabane à Pierre Beauce will help you create activities and events for any social or business occasion.

  • Preparation and serving of country-style meals;

  • Décor and accessories that re-create the ambience of yesteryear: authentic wooden tables and benches able to accommodate between 50 and 1,000; barnwood divider walls;

  • Maple-product tasting stations: maple syrup pancakes, pure maple taffy, sugar pie and other delights;

  • A “boutique du terroir” selling locally grown products from Québec’s regions, as well as items such as gift boxes and traditional accessories bearing your photo corporate logo;

  • Traditional performances and entertainment: folkloric musicians and dancers, lumberjacking demonstration, native presentations.

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