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A WONDERFUL trip through BeauceRON history!


La Cabane à Pierre in Frampton would like to invite you on a trip to yesteryear, with a visit to a lumber camp: an impressive log-built structure, its chinks stuffed with oakum, a large central fireplace, coal-oil lamps, tables in solid pine, a bread oven of field stones, century-old wood stoves, etc. This magnificent lumberjack camp with seating for 350 was constructed by Pierre Faucher in the sugar bush of his forebears. Just 40 minutes south of the Quebec bridges, we are ready to welcome you all year round.


The ancestral sugar shack and TRAPPER'S CABIN
Here in the hundred-year-old Faucher sugar shack, nestled in a sugar bush complete with buckets, visitors can discover the secrets involved in maple syrup production and the spring festival tradition held dear by Quebecois. Follow our guides to a pleasure-filled visit of the sugar shack. Stop by the trapper's cabin – it’s a must – where you will get acquainted with the ways and customs of these little-known figures who hold such a vital place in our history.


A festive atmosphere
La Cabane à Pierre has taken on the time-honoured traditions bequeathed by our forefathers: authentic surroundings, home-spun country festivals that are typically Quebecois and warmed generously by a crackling and toasty wood fire, the aroma of homemade bread baking gently, square dancing and more. The irressitable party atmosphere of la Cabane à Pierre is waiting just for you! (noon or evening).


Recognized as a “Canadian Tourist Ambassador,” Pierre Faucher has been traveling the world for more than twenty-five years, bringing to authentic life the rich pleasures of maple products and French-Canadian traditional folklore. He remains the first Quebecer to have sung the praises of our “sugar parties” in Europe, the United States and even Asia.


Tall, sturdy and colourful with a disarming disposition, Pierre Faucher is, without doubt, the best known representative of the Quebec tourist industry on the international scene. He is commonly designated a national representative, master of ceremonies or spokesperson for various cultural and tourist events, in cooperation with the governments of Quebec, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and others.


Pierre Faucher divides his time between his two folklore sites, La Cabane à Pierre in Frampton, near Quebec and la Sucrerie de La Montagne de Rigaud, in the Montreal region.